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Malicia lynn 5/25/2009 hey i reading ur book now! and i really like it! i mean i didnt even kno that Elisha was real!! i even looked it up in the bible! btw: IM READING ELISHA'S BONES!!!
Jason 6/15/2009 Just picked up a copy of Elisha''s Bones, looks interesting. Usually not into archaeology, but this is really good, seriously love the humor also.
Don Hoesel 6/15/2009 Thanks Jason. I''m usually not into archaeology either. But it made more sense than having Jack be a dentist.
Nancy Hoesel 6/27/2009 I am married to your cousin, Charles,(Chuck Hoesel) and we live in Brentwood, Tennessee. He is the son of Robert and Grace Hoesel of Buffalo, NY. Robert is the brother of Ray Hoesel who would be your grandfather. We knew all the extended Hoesel relatives in Buffalo as we lived in the area most of our lives. Our son, Mark, and his family live in Nashville. Chuck and I have been married for almost 38 years. Ironically, in eighth grade, I was invited to a school dance by your uncle Ray Hoesel as we went to the same school. We moved to Nashville in 2000. I bought your book at the bookstore last week but have not had a chance to get into it yet. Our daughter, who also lives in Brentwood, also saw it on the new book shelf of the Brentwood Library. That is an accomplishment to be proud of. Congratulations!
Don Hoesel 7/2/2009 Hi Nancy. Thanks for stopping by. I knew I had some family in the area but I guess there are more than I thought.
Tim George 10/7/2009 Don -Jim Hart at Bethany sent me a review copy of Hunter''s Moon and it was wonderful. I have requested a review copy of Elisha''s Bones as well. I do reviews and interviews both for a site called Unveiled and Fiction Addict. Hopefully we can set up an audio interview later in the year. Thanks again for a wonderful story.
Don Hoesel 10/10/2009 Thanks Tim. I''m glad you enjoyed the book. I''d love to do an interview at your convenience.
Mike Bragg 3/15/2011 Just finished Elisha's Bones. I love these types of books that combine Biblical stories, mystery and adventure. Thank you so much for this adventure and keep on writing. I looked for you on facebook but didn't find you on there. If you don't have a page you should definately setup a facebook page to help promote your books. Thanks again -Mike from Murfreesboro
Don Hoesel 3/16/2011 Thanks Mike. I'm glad you liked Elisha's Bones. I do have a FB page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=604971525
Odette Watson 4/10/2011 I've just read a few chapters of the Alarmist on The Disciple's Steps blog on TheChristianWoman.com website. New website for me and I'm glad I found the book! I thought it was excellent - well written, great pace, intriguing plot and interesting characters - I'll be buying it from Amazon! All the best...
Don Hoesel 4/12/2011 Thanks Odette!
Jerry Guinn 4/18/2011 Avid reader all my life, but only recently became convinced that author's want to hear positive feedback about their writing. Just finished Elisha's Bones and want to congratulate you on an excellent story. Makes me eager to get Hunters Moon and The Alarmist; hope they'll be as equally satisfying. Please keep up the good work!
Don Hoesel 4/21/2011 Thanks Jerry! Glad you enjoyed it.
Margie Carroll 4/25/2011 Hi, it is very early in the 3 am time bracket and I have just finished Elisha's Bones. Wow! It was great, you had me going to the Internet quite a few times to look up things e.g. Lalibela and the amazing churches there. I had never heard of them and I am very intrigued to do some more research on them. You seem to have a gift with description and making a picture come to life from a sentence or two. Chapter 4 page 2 there was a wonderful description of Jack's dad which concludes with "It's that snapshot of my dad that I carry in my mind.'" I saw it so clearly, and other places in the story had a similar effect. Thank you, it made it so enjoyable. I smiled a lot and kept saying to my daughter, ' listen to this bit' and we would have a laugh together. A great read and I will recommend it to friends. Now, I had better get to bed before I am in trouble tomorrow. God bless you in your future writing.
Don Hoesel 4/27/2011 Thanks for the kind words Margie. I'm glad you liked it.
John Osborn 6/9/2011 Hello Don, Just finished Elisha's Bones and really enjoyed it. I just downloaded Hunter's Moon and look forward to reading it on a plane next week. Best regards, John
Don Hoesel 6/16/2011 Thanks John. I hope you enjoy Hunter's Moon.
Douglas Misquita 6/19/2011 Hello Don, I 'picked up' Elisha's Bones as my second Kindle ebook. Good stuff, I guess writing from the first person gives you a lot more perspective to write from. I'm a debut author myself and so can associate with the 'acknowledgements' All the best Douglas Misquita www.douglasmisquita.com
Craig Gonzalez 8/7/2011 Well I was hoping don had an email contact buy I guess this is the other way to ask questions. Don I'm a new reader to your books I just got me a copy of Elisha's bones and well in reading the description about the story they say your faith content is hardly noticeable and I'm wondering what they mean by that is God just left out or something I'm just a little confused what they meant by that statement. Thank you for your time and God bless. Oh please know I'm not trying to offend I just thought I'd ask since I was curious about it.
Don Hoesel 8/9/2011 Hi Craig. Thanks for picking up a copy of Elisha's Bones. I hope you enjoy it. About your question - I'm not aware of any *official* description of the book that mentions a minimal faith element, although there have been reader reviews that say that. And I'm probably not going to disagree with that too strongly. None of my books take a heavy handed approach to the Christian elements - wedging God into the story. Rather, my books tend to deal with characters who are only beginning to explore the possibility that God exists - usually during circumstances that strip away many of their support systems. And I have a tendency to stop the story just at the point where the characters are forced to deal with the realization that, if God exists, there has to be some reconciliation of that with the character's world view. I think what some people believe is lacking is a full-fledged conversion experience, or a rapid santification of the main character. I tend to think, though, that both of these processes occur gradually, in fits and starts. But I think that approach can leave readers who are accustomed to less ambiguity feeling uncomfortable.
Craig Gonzalez 8/21/2011 Thank you so much for getting back to me and taken time to answer my questions. I hope you didn't mind those questions I just haven't read your books but I came across it and it had a national treasure feel and I just wanted to be sure that you weren't trying to hide the fact you are a Christian I like to support the Christian authors but besides that the books written by Christian authors are really good and I know if my niece or nephew pick it up they won't have to worry about bad language and they will be entertain. As for the character becoming a Christian taken time not happening at once I don't see that as a issue especially for someone who has doubted the very notion of God I wouldn't see them jumping in. Actually I think sometime the faith conversion takes place to soon almost has if they threw it in there just because the had too. But as long as your not hiding you light under a bushel I feel I'll become a big fan. PS. Do they ever come to faith??? God bless
Donna 8/23/2011 Hello Don, I just finished Elisha's Bones and really enjoyed it. Will there be more adventures for Jack and Espy? I Hope so! I have always had an interest in Archaeology and the humor cotained throughout the story made the book realistic. I enjoy your style and will be purchasing everything that you have written! I can't wait to start the next book. Take care and God bless, Donna
Don Hoesel 9/8/2011 Donna - I apologize for the delayed response. In fact, my next book, coming out in Spring 2012, will feature the same cast of characters.
Linda Hagerty 9/21/2011 Dear Don, I'm not sure that you or Dawn ever told me you were a writer. I'm so excited for you! I'm fairly new to Kindle, so my next book is going to be Elisha's Bones. I hope your lastest book will be a roaring success, and I'll read it right after I read the first two. Blessings to you both (and the children), Linda
Greg 9/25/2011 Hi don I was reading some of the post and one of them asked something that intrigued me. I noticed you said your characters are on the verge of coming to faith and well Im wondering the same thing do your characters ever make that full commitment?? Thanks for your work for the Lord.
Cheryl Fenn 1/30/2012 Saw your book, The Alarmists, a few months ago at the public library here in Georgetown, SC, and read it. found it every bit as interesting as a Randy Singer novel or even a Ted Dekker one. I think I have my mother convinced she needs to read it, too, since things keep coming up in the papers about the end of the Mayan calendar. Then, last week, I saw another of your books in the library, Elisha's Bones. Having long loved the stories of Elijah and Elisha, and remembering how much I enjoyed the first book of yours that I read, I had to borrow that one, as well. It did not disappoint! In fact, it kept me on the edge of my seat, and I just finished it! Now I am looking forward to finding out how soon I can get my hands on The Hunter's Moon and The Serpent of Moses! Thanks for sharing your talent with the public!
Don Hoesel 2/4/2012 Cheryl - Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the books and I hope you enjoy Hunter's Moon as well. You'll have to wait a bit for Serpent of Moses, though; it doesn't come out until June.
Jill 4/20/2012 Hi Don, Just finished Elisha's Bones. Great story but I got tangled up with your Australian geography. Confusion between Laverton, Victoria and Laverton in Western Australia. Decided you were aiming for the latter. Happy to help if your characters appear in Oz again. Looking forward to getting hold of your other books. Cheers, J.
Bobbi Russell-Messner 7/20/2012 Hey Don! I never would of imagined that I would be reading your books someday as I reflect back on our days at Taylor. I am so excited that you have been able to share your talents with the rest of the world. Keep up the good work. I am def a fan! God bless. Bobbi, Mansfield, OH.
Don Hoesel 7/21/2012 Hey Bobbi! Wow - it's been a long time. Thanks for the kind words. Hope all is well.
Steve 8/8/2012 Just reviewed your latest. A great read! http://stevebrady.tumblr.com/post/28995315398/book-review-the-serpent-of-moses
Daniel 10/12/2012 Thank you for writing ELISHA'S BONES. I'm a teen writer whose Sci Fi novel has just been excepted by WINEPRESS Publishing, and your writing helped me keep going, to endeavor to Glorify God in story form without preaching, and inspired me to want to write a Indiana Jones sort of story sometime in the future. Thanks for writing for God and being a good example. I'm going to get THE SERPENT OF MOSES soon!
April 2/6/2013 I have read: Elisha's Bones, Serpent of Moses, The Alarmist & The Book of Secrets. I have enjoyed all of them. When is your next book coming out?
Don Hoesel 2/10/2013 Hi April. My next book - Blood and Bone - will be out June/July.
Harry King 3/5/2013 When is your next book signing event? p.s. Read all of them and I am waiting for the Blood and Bone to become avail.
Doug 3/9/2013 I have all of your books. I just finished Serpent of Moses and am concerned about something. The Israelis are portrayed as bad guys while others in the Middle East and North Africa are portrayed as friendly, for the most part. I'm concerned the viewpoint shown for the Israelis might be anti-Semitic. I hope not. I support Israel (Genesis 12:3), and I am a follower of Jesus Christ and believe the entire Bible is the True Word of God. Please clarify this and my concern. Thank you.
Don Hoesel 3/10/2013 Harry - The book signing schedule for Blood and Bone isn't finalized. As soon as I have some solid dates, I'll post them here. Doug - There was no intent to portray the Israelis as the "bad guys." Simply put, the story needed someone who wanted the staff badly enough to do whatever it took to get them. And the Mossad--a group that does its best work in secret, and that has the resources to act as a real threat to Jack and company--fit the bill. And, frankly, it made sense to me that the Israelis would have a vested interest in recovering items that mean a great deal to their cultural identity. That's the whole reason - there's nothing more to it than that. On a related note, the first draft of the book featured the Vatican financing the recovery of the staff.
Harry King 3/11/2013 Don- When the signing of Blood and Bone is set, could I bring all four books in and get you to sign them? Also, I didn't read Israel as 'bad guys'. It's a story in a fiction book. By comparison, look how 'bad' we Americans are in real life.
Don Hoesel 3/12/2013 Harry - Absolutely.
Daniel K 5/4/2013 Is Blood and Bone supposed to be the big finale of the series???
Don Hoesel 5/5/2013 Daniel - Yes, B&B is the finale to the Jack Hawthorne series. After what Jack goes through in this book, he'll have earned an early retirement.
Rob H. 6/5/2013 Hi Don- I downloaded "Elisha's Bones" as a freebie for my Kindle and I'm beginning ch. 8 as I write this. I love it so much I ordered "Serpent of Moses" and I will be ordering "Blood and Bone" next. As a soon to be PhD candidate in Biblical Archaeology and Ancient Near East Studies, I can only hope life will indeed imitate art! Thanks for the fantastic adventure's an please keep it up! God Bless! -Rob
Don Hoesel 6/6/2013 Thanks for the kind words, Rob. I'm glad you like the book. Good luck w/ the PhD work!
Bob H. 7/1/2013 Mr. Hoesel, What are the possibilities that you maintain an email list for fans like me who are just looking to be notified of upcoming new releases, etc.?
Don Hoesel 7/2/2013 Bob - At this point, I'm not using a mailer for book announcements, promos, etc. For the most part, I stick with this website and Facebook. I use the website for the bigger announcements, such as upcoming books. And I use the FB page for those and smaller updates, such as upcoming book signings, posting a few reviews, etc. I don't inundate FB followers with too much information so it's a pretty painless way to go.
Daniel K. 7/26/2013 I just finished Blood and Bone a moment ago and I just wanted to thank you so such for a wonderful series. It's like Indiana Jones but with more purpose and meaning. I feel like I grew with the characters and will reread those books over and over again. I know this is the end of the series but please know that I will not hesitate to read your books pertaining to Indiana Jones like characters. =D
Don Hoesel 7/26/2013 Thanks Daniel! I appreciate the kind words. Maybe someday I'll pull Jack and the gang out of retirement.
Thomas 7/30/2013 I don't know if U visited Paris Catacombs, but if U come to Paris, don't hesitate to contact me ; I can try to show U the illegal part of the Paris underground with unofficial ossuaries. Sincerely ! PS : it's better to contact me by direct email (I'm the author of dozen of papers about Paris underground)
Sara McIntosh 8/10/2013 I read one of your books, and then I had to read them all. The last one is Blood and Bone. My enjoyment of this one is a little hindered by the nonchalance of the parents whose children are held hostage. A real mother would be either frantic, out of her mind, and totally useless, or she would be savagely purposeful in her actions, thinking about nothing else, at least for a few weeks after the children were taken. No assurances by anyone that the children were well-treated would change that. This book just goes on in the same tone as the others in the series. The kidnapping of the protagonists' children should have dramatically changed things from the other books.
Don Hoesel 8/12/2013 Sara - I understand what you're saying. In fact, the biggest challenge for me with this book was how to handle the abduction of Jack and Espy's children. In my opinion, the strength of the Jack Hawthorne books has always been the playful interplay between Jack and Espy, as well as Jack's humor and flippancy. Introducing such a grave plot element in Blood and Bone gave this one a different tone than the others. And it made for a difficult balancing act. On one hand, I wanted Jack and Espy to respond like real parents. But I also wanted to preserve the sense of fun that infuses the series. And the only way I could do that was to force Espy to compartmentalize. I know it's not a great explanation but it's all I've got right now!
Colleen Brathwaite 9/5/2013 Just read Elisha's Bones..awesome book, very enjoyable read. Can't wait to get the other books, thank you.
Don Hoesel 9/6/2013 Thanks for the kind words, Colleen. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series.
Mike Meixsell 10/16/2013 Hi Don, I have read all your books so far with the exception of "The Alarmist" and enjoyed each one. I read "Hunters Moon" while vacationing with my wife in Aruba and was just a great way to relax while pool and beach side and get into a good book. I was wondering if you might have any words of wisdom as my wife is about to publish her first novel using "createspace" through Amazon?
Katherine Proudfoot 1/22/2014 I've just finished Elisha's Bones, which I obtained from Amazon in the Kindle edition. The book held me spellbound from beginning to end. While I've always been interested in archaeology, over the course of the book, I gained a stronger appreciation for those who bring forth our past. Like many others, I was unaware of the biblical story behind Elisha's Bones. Now I'll wonder what ever happened to them and whether there is a real conspiracy to protect them. Thanks for an excellent read and I look forward to reading your newer works. ~ Your neighbor in Smyrna, TN
Don Hoesel 1/25/2014 Katherine, Thanks for the nice comments about Elisha's Bones. The idea came from my own childhood interest in archaeology combined with an opportune "what if" moment when rereading that short biblical passage. I hope you enjoy the other books in the series (as well as my non-Jack Hawthorne books).
Lynell 3/15/2014 I have all of your books. I read "The Alarmist" first then "Elisha's Bones" and "The Serpent of Moses" and "Blood and Bone." Lastly, I just finished reading "Hunter's Moon." I thoroughly enjoyed each one. I can't wait til your next book is released. I'm really looking forward to it. I couldn't tell you which was my favorite. I really enjoyed all of them. Keep up the great writing!
Don Hoesel 3/21/2014 Lynell - Thanks for the kind words. Not sure when the next book is going to come out yet. I'll let people know here and on Facebook as soon as I know.
Carmen 4/12/2014 Hi, Don! Thanks for the wonderful Jack Hawthorne series! Once you start reading each one of them, you can't stop! Each one of them kept me reading every night until very late! I have learned a lot about archaeology, history, and geography mixed with biblical principles and the characters struggles. Thanks for all those adventures! However, I have an idea for you to consider. I read in another of your comments that there won't be more Jack. Please reconsider! As a suggestion, you can write a story when the kids are finishing high school or when they are in college so that Espy and Jack can continue their adventures! There are many stories in the Bible that contain objects that haven't been found yet! Please reconsider, you are an AWESOME writer! God bless you always!
Don Hoesel 4/15/2014 Carmen - Thanks for the nice comments about the series. I had a lot of fun writing those three books. I'll always leave the door open for another one but, as of right now, Jack's just going to sit on his back porch and enjoy a cigar or two. I'm working on something new right now - different from the Jack Hawthorne series but in the same ballpark. I think it'll be something readers of the series will like.
Overprotective Mom 6/6/2014 I haven't read your books yet, but my 14 year old son would like to read "Elisha's Bones". Do you think this book would be appropriate for his age, or is it more of an adult book? If not "Elisha's Bones", are there any other books you've written that might be better for his age? Thanks so much!
Don Hoesel 6/10/2014 Hi OM. Sorry for the delayed reply. Elisha's Bones (and the other two books in the Jack Hawthorne series) are probably the ones best suited to a younger audience. There's a fair amount of violence in the book (though not graphic). It's very much an action/suspense novel in that regard. A lot of people get killed. There's also a rekindling of a love interest but nothing inappropriate for a teen. In my opinion it would be an okay read for your son but I also understand that it's a subjective question.
Rob 6/15/2014 Hi. Just working my way through the Jack Hawthorne series. Enjoyed Elisha's Bones very much and just finished the Serpent of Moses. But was left confused at the ending: what happened to the Libyans? They were there at Cyme, then there's no more mention of them. And what happened to Duckey's passport? They were worried how to get him back to US without one. But how did he fly into Istanbul without one? About to read the next book now.
MLM 6/24/2014 I've already read the first two Jack Hawthorne books and just began the third and LOVE IT! Keep writing...! What about making a stop at the Barnes & Noble in Knoxville?
Don Hoesel 6/24/2014 Rob - Sorry for the delayed reply. Imolene kills the Libyans. On page 304 of the print version, as Jack's about to speak, his words are cut off by a series of gunshots. That's Imolene getting rid of the competition. As far as Duckey's passport, I don't believe I specified anywhere that he came into Turkey on a commercial flight. Remember - he was picked up by a CIA team in Libya. They could have done him a favor and gotten him to Turkey.
Don Hoesel 6/24/2014 MLM - Thanks for the nice comments. I hope you enjoy the third book. I don't do a ton of book signings and most of those are around Nashville. But I have done a few more far-reaching book tours. Maybe when the next book comes out...
Book Addict 10/6/2014 Good Day Don, I have read all three Jack Hawthorne books and enjoyed everyone of them! So thank you for the interesting and wonderfully rich settings in the books. I love this style of topics, digging up old yet mystical relics, action, suspense... they have it all. But is there more to come? There are still players out there in the void that could be used in another series of books. There's always something else to dig up! I do hope you have more on the horizon for Jack and Espy. Maybe even the boys?? Let me know so I can watch for some more of your books. And thanks again for keeping me entertained and engrossed in such an action packed way!
Don Hoesel 10/7/2014 Book Addict - Thanks for the kind words about the Jack Hawthorne series. When I wrote Blood and Bone I'd intended it to be the last one. But there's something about Jack that won't stay dead. So I'm slowly working on another book in the series. I say slowly because most of my attention is on a different book that I hope to have finished up within the next year.
Arthur Ruijmschoot 10/9/2014 09/10/14 Dear Don Hoesel, My name is Arthur Ruijmschoot, and I am 14 years old. I am in grade 9 and homeschooled. I only read one of your books,(Elijah's Bones) and I loved it!. I understand that Elisha's bones was your first book, but it sounded like you were an experienced writer. One of the reasons that I like your book is because it's really exiting. Another reason I have for loving your book is the word usage. I hope to read more of your books, and I'd like it if you would seriously consider writing some more of your great books Sincerely, Arthur Ruijmschoot (I used this fan letter for my English course, that's why it is so formal)
Don Hoesel 10/11/2014 Arthur - Thank you for the kind words about Elisha's Bones. You're right - it was my first published novel. But it was also my fifth completed book. The other four never made it to publication. But with each one I learned more about the craft of writing; I got better at it. That's typically the way it is with an author's first published book. It's rarely their first book; it's just the first one anyone gets to read. As far as writing more books, I'm working on it. Number four in the Jack Hawthorne series is on the way (slowly) and I have something else in the works as well. Good luck in school and thanks for thinking of me for your assignment.
Karen Hoesel Nichols 12/25/2014 Merry Christmas! I just received Elisha's Bones in my Christmas Stocking last night. My sister picked it up in the Christian bookstore based on your/our last name. I'm already enjoying it! We'd like to figure out how we are related as we have never found a Hoesel we weren't related to. Our branch settled in IN after the civil war. John Richard Hoesel and Nettie (smith) Hoesel had 11 children, second oldest being our grandfather Alpha. After Christmas I'll pull out the ancestry and see if I can trace back to NY. We have been concerned that the Hoesel name would die out as of those 11 children only one had sons. And now we find another branch of the family! Merry Christmas!
Karen Hoesel NIchols 12/25/2014 See note above. I got the wrong husband connected with the right wife. Carl Hoesel married Catherine Wiener and fathered John Richard Hoesel (1840). JRH married Susan Overmyer who fathered Charles Hubert Hoesel (1871). CHH married Nettie Smith. They had the 11 children of whom my grandfather Alpha was the second. Any overlap that you can see? thx, KJN
Don Hoesel 12/25/2014 Hi Karen. I have to admit that I know next to nothing about my ancestry. My knowledge of the family line doesn't go past my grandfather Ray. So I'm probably not going to be a lot of help in determining if and where there's a connection. I'd be surprised it there isn't, though. It's not that common a name. If you find something out, I'd be interested in hearing of it. I hope you're enjoying the book.
Dale Chastain 3/23/2015 Don, love your books. In the Book of Jasher it tells about Nimrod and that he wore the Skin garmets of Adam under his cloths and they made him a very powerful man. I think that would make a great book. Just like "Bones" n "Serpent" bring it forward to today.
Don Hoesel 3/23/2015 Dale - Thanks for stopping by. And for the kind words about my books. I hadn't heard of the reference to Nimrod before. That does sound like it would make for a good story. That's a good thing about biblical (and even extra-biblical) history: there's no lack of artifacts for Jack to go after in future books.
Carmen 6/24/2015 Don, Hi! I wrote before in 4/12/14 about your wonderful writing through the Jack Hawthorne stories! We, your fans are waiting for another story of your books! Of course, we would like one of Jack's stories and you said in 10/11/14, that you were working on the number four! How is it going? We miss your stories! Please don't forget us! Pss... if you are working in another story not Jack-related, don't worry, we will like it too! :) Thanks for letting us share with you our petitions! Blessings...
Don Hoesel 6/26/2015 Carmen - Thanks very much for your kind comments. I'm working on two different books right now - one Jack related, one not. But after releasing five books in five years, I've slowed down a bit - taking my time to finish the books while spending a bit more time with family. I appreciate your patience and hope you think the end product is worth the wait.
Carmen 6/11/2016 Hi, Don! God bless! Las time I wrote you here, it was in 6/24/15 and you answer on the 26th that you were working with two books. How it is going? While waiting for them, I have read " Hunter's Moon" and "The Alarmists". I enjoyed reading them too! Even though, each one of them are different from the Jack series, I liked them and it won't be a bad idea if someday you write a sequel for both. The way your books are written, makes the reader want to continue reading about the characters and never lose contact with their life. Hope I can read more of your books soon. I miss them. Thanks for your awesome talent and for sharing it with us!
Don Hoesel 6/21/2016 Carmen - I apologize for the delayed replay. I'm glad you enjoyed Hunter's Moon and The Alarmists. Hunter's Moon is my personal favorite of my own books. I'm still working on both of the books I mentioned previously, albeit in fits and starts. I'm nearing completion on one but I can't really hazard a guess on when you might see it in print. It's a bit of a lengthy process even after the book is complete. I've been deliberate in working more slowly since the flurry of five books in five years. Hopefully that will show through once the new projects are in print.
Carmen 6/25/2016 Hi, Don! God bless! Las time I wrote you here, it was in 6/24/15 and you answer on the 26th that you were working with two books. How it is going? While waiting for them, I have read " Hunter's Moon" and "The Alarmists". I enjoyed reading them too! Even though, each one of them are different from the Jack series, I liked them and it won't be a bad idea if someday you write a sequel for both. The way your books are written, makes the reader want to continue reading about the characters and never lose contact with their life. Hope I can read more of your books soon. I miss them. Thanks for your awesome talent and for sharing it with us!
Carmen 7/1/2016 Hi, Don! God bless! Las time I wrote you here, it was in 6/24/15 and you answer on the 26th that you were working with two books. How it is going? While waiting for them, I have read " Hunter's Moon" and "The Alarmists". I enjoyed reading them too! Even though, each one of them are different from the Jack series, I liked them and it won't be a bad idea if someday you write a sequel for both. The way your books are written, makes the reader want to continue reading about the characters and never lose contact with their life. Hope I can read more of your books soon. I miss them. Thanks for your awesome talent and for sharing it with us!
Carmen 7/8/2017 God bless you, Don! How are you? Here I am again, just checking the status of your two projects. I am waiting patiently to read both as soon as they are in print. Hope everything is fine for you! Kindest regards...

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